The New Generation of Mothers

Mothers are now switching the dynamics of the workplace in finance and corporate America. Often times mothers are forced to choose between staying home and taking care of the kids while the traditional husband brings home the bacon, or being in the workforce. As we go into a new year we will see more mothers joining the corporate world especially in finance, as they’re called “Wall Street Mothers”. I personally think women in finance or in the corporate world shouldn’t have to give up their career and passion.

In the article “Wall Street Mothers- Stay home Fathers” in New York Times follows women in finance that have taken the role of bringing home the bacon. The story follows Marielle Jan de Beur who works in Wells Fargo while her husband is a stay home Father. It seems like they managed to compromise as Marielle Jan de Beur’s husband mentions “We’re almost like an opposite ’50s couple, I’m staying at home, I do the dishes, I do the laundry, I do everything the housewife does. I’m just a dude.” (Kantor, Greenberg 2013). Which shows that this couple is able to keep their marriage with some tweaks, and  Marielle Jan de Beur still gets to be in her career.

Women in finance have been increasing over the years due to programs provided by companies to promote women in the workforce. For example “For years, JP Morgan and other banks have tried recruitment and retention efforts aimed at women, including “speed mentoring” (Wells Fargo), wine tastings to get to know management (Morgan Stanley), efforts at hiring women who had taken time off to raise children (Goldman Sachs) and clubs for female bankers (Citigroup alone has 60).” (Kantor, Greenberg 2013). Which shows that fortune 500 companies are trying their best to recruit more females in their companies to balance it out. Another example “At Wells Fargo, the global head of research, economics and strategy for the bank, is making new recommendations on how to retain and advance female employees.” (Kantor, Greenberg 2013) Which in my opinion shows that companies out there are taking the initiative to make sure they not only recruit women, but keep them in the workforce as well.

Mothers in finance and the workforce will soon become a norm as increasing number of women get in the workforce. Mothers should feel empowered to go out there and successfully be part of the workforce because they do not deserve to be denied that piece of life.

Source: Wall Street Mothers 


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