U.S. stocks decline due to Ukraine Crisis, OIL&GOLD Prices UP

US STOCKS-Wall St sells off as Ukraine-Russia tension rises

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  • U.S. stocks decline as rising tension in Ukraine conflict is increasing, which is threatening the global market and causing a lot of uncertainty in the market that there might be war.
  • Meanwhile, some investors voiced worries about a jump in the prices of commodities tied to Ukraine. Ukraine is a major grain supplier, and U.S. wheat prices rose 6.8%, the biggest gain in more than 20 months, on concerns that supplies would slow.
  • The Dow Jones industrial average fell 153.68 points or 0.94 percent, to end at 16,168.03. The S&P 500 slid 13.72 points or 0.74 percent, to finish at 1,845.73. The Nasdaq Composite dropped 30.818 points or 0.72 percent, to close at 4,277.301.
  • Gold prices hit a four-month high as investors sought safe-haven assets, boosting gold stocks.
  • Brent crude prices rose $2.13 to settle at $111.20 per barrel while U.S. crude prices gained $2.33 to end at $104.92 a barrel.

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