Hello, my name is Syfur Alock and I’m currently an undergraduate at University at Albany (SUNY). I’m really interested in investing and how the stock market functions, which led me to make this site so others who share the same interest can get their information in one place rather than search all over the place. I hope this site can help others who wish to pursue a career in finance. Hope you enjoy! If there’s any questions feel free to send me a message at SyfurWordPress@yahoo.com

P.S. I’m still learning about all this, but I will try my best to answer any questions through research. Thanks feedback appreciated!!

Edit: I will try my best to update as much as possible, trying to juggle between classes and putting work into the site!

**Hi all, I actually graduated but I will try my best to keep this website updated.


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  1. Wow. Just wow. I am stunned by the fact that you have decided to take this to the next level. I wish you the best of luck of this interesting journey. I would like to see what you do with Personal Finances and Explain Like I’m 5.

  2. Great job buddy i like how simple u make it,its much easier to understand. Thanks

  3. I really love reading these short summarizes and I find them easy to understand. I was just wondering if the website could ever become a podcast kind of thing. Great job!

  4. I agree that this should become a podcast. I could see how it would be more interesting. Love the summarizes!

  5. I agree that this should become a vlog-ish kind of thing. I could see how it would be more interesting. Love the summarizes!

  6. I couldnt help but notice that you posted about the Black Friday sales that have decrease, I was just curious as to know do you think that it will continue to decrease in the near future with the way the job economy is? Also, you have mentioned about less people having jobs and therefore cant spend much money on Black Friday, I would agree with this to some extent. In todays society they have opened up earlier on Black Friday for the sales but i believe that they have opened up earlier for the past couple of years to help out their company so that they dont end up crashing and going out of business. There could be some people that do participate in the Black Friday sales but did you think about those people that dont want to fight the crowd since the crowd does get a little hectic where people become impatient.

  7. The president has proposed a plan that will increase minimum wage. What does this mean for small businesses?

  8. I am glad that you update often, but I feel that the other sections in the site are being left alone. It may be a better Idea to limit it to the bare essentials. Just a suggestion

  9. Your back! Its been too long.

    • Haha hey! Yes, i just been busy with work (Sorry!). But thank you so much for being a loyal viewer, it really means a lot to me! I will try my best to post fresh content every single day!


  10. I’m seeing lots of two way flow today.

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